Find Detailed System Information about Computer Hardware

Ever wanted to find out more details about the hardware of your system like the Motherboard, RAM, memory, graphic card etc installed in the system? If yes, then you can do this easily without even having to open the system cabinet or something.

Using the tool as mentioned below, you can get to know the details about the components used in your system.

1. Speccy

Speccy is a handy tool that can give you info about most of the tool installed in your system like Operating System, CPU, RAM, Motherboard, Graphics, Audio, Hard Drives, Optical Drives, Peripherals and Network. So just use this tool and you would not anywhere else to find the info.

2.    Sys Information

A simpler tool than Speccy that you can use to determine the system component information. It can retrieve total information of Hardware such as motherboard CPU, BIOS Information.

Though there may be more tools to give you information, but these are the simple and the renowned ones. Which tool you use, leave a comment below.

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