Find Detailed System Information with PC Hunter

Sometimes it is important to find what system configuration we have as we can’t remember all the technical terms and specifications. Say if you are required to check what the memory of your graphics card is or would some hardware is compatible with some software or not, you don’t have any option but to check the configuration. At this point of time what we require is a tool that can provide system information to us. Although we have discussed many such tools in the past, here is one more which is a very powerful tool.

The tool is called as PC Hunter and is an amazingly powerful system information tool that can help you find out deep and complex system information which could have been difficult to gather otherwise. The tool is more useful to power users who are comfortable with the technical terms but in case you are not geeky enough then the tool will fail to impress you.


Although PC Hunter aims helping the PC experts detecting and removing the malwares but even if you are not an expert you can still make use of the tool to find any system information you have been looking. The tool has lots of information which is divided into tabs, so that you can easily find the information you are looking.

There are many tabs named as Startup, Kernel, Registry, Process, Network, File, Computer Examination, Setting and others. Each tab contains detailed information. Moreover if you right click on any information, the context menu will provide you with many related options that you can perform on the information. For example, if you right click on processes then you will have options to kill them too right from the tool itself. Other right-click options allow you to search for a file online, upload it to check for malware, verify its process signature, list its open files, and more.

There are plenty more which are relevant to each tab, for instance you can repair a file association, delete a user account, or carry out other useful actions right from the tool. PC Hunter is a great utility for viewing and controlling your running processes, startup programs, hosts file and computer but you need to be cautious as a small mistake can crash your system.

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