Find easier Human Interpretation of Numbers with Dictionary of Numbers

Isn’t it a common situation that while viewing some web pages you come across certain numbers (mostly huge) that you have no idea of? Say you are reading some Wikipedia page, which is full of facts and figures; it is certainly possible that you bump into some numbers that you have no idea of like 230 million people. Now, obviously, you don’t have any idea of how many people are these many. So wouldn’t it be great if you find some easier term for this number which is more understandable to you, like “population of some country”.


Well, if you are someone who likes reading certain facts and figures too much then this useful extension is for you called as Dictionary of Numbers. A dictionary takes words you’re unfamiliar with and puts them in terms you’re familiar with. Dictionary of Numbers takes numbers you’re unfamiliar with and puts them in terms you can understand. For example, it will convert the number $3 million to something that is easier to understand for you like “cost of 30-second Super Bowl advertisement”.


How this extension works is also very simple, it scans the web pages before presenting it to you and automatically puts the examples along with the original number in a bracket so that you find the easy human term for that number without the need of doing anything. There might be some words which this extension doesn’t recognize but if you manually search the number with some common unit then you would get the result. You can make use of the extension in the browser taskbar to manually search the terms.

The video above will provide you better insight on how this extension works. So if you like this extension and feels it’s useful for you then you can give it a try here.

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