Find if your Sent Email has been Delivered and Read, with MailTrack

Today most of the communication is done through digital means, which includes text messages and emails. It’s always helpful to find out if someone has read the text or the email that we sent or not. If you are using the Whatsapp, then you already know that it provides us a feature to find out if the message has been delivered and read or not, but what with the case of emails?

Although some email tools like Outlook provides us this feature to find out, but it is limited to itself and we can’t use it to determine our personal emails. How about we introduce some tool that enables you to determine if your email you sent through your gmail account has been delivered and read? Well it’s very simple.


For the Chrome users out there, there is an extension called as MailTrack for Gmail. What this handy extension does is, it places a single and double check mark right beside your email that you sent or received to let you know about the delivery and read status.

The legend is very simple and nothing new as it is being already used in the Whatsapp. A single check mark on your sent emails means, it is sent and delivered, however a green double check mark means it is read by the user. You can get more details about the read status, just by hovering over the checkmarks with the details like, how many times the user read it, when, and how long ago.

The extension is very safe to use too, so if it feels like it is something that you were looking for, the link is right below.

Download MailTrack for Gmail

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