Find if someone used your Computer without Permission

Everyone likes privacy, no one wants to share his/her confidential material with anyone whether it is some files or anything which relates to your private data. Windows provide a good option for passwords. What if someone gets access to your password or if you forgot your password?

You might need to see if someone accessed your PC.  In that case, you can simply keep a check on the use of computer in your absence by following these steps:

• Press windows logo key + R, type “eventvwr.msc”. This will open the event viewer of Windows. 

• Click on the “System” button on left.

• Now just search for the date and time when your computer according to you should be off.

• Now double click on the event that has occurred during the off time and all the details will be displayed.

• Also, the time period for which the computer was used can also be noted down from the event viewer.

All this will help you to know that if someone used your PC without your permission or consent. All these small things make a Personal Computer really personal. You can stay secure from all the intruders and detect if someone logged in behind you. You can detect the person who is interfering in your private world. Hope this post will help you.

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