Find Installed Drivers in the Computer

Almost all of us install software in the system without going into too much details of what the package is actually going to install. The package installs various files and drivers in our system about which we are unaware of.

Also if you are worried about the previously installed drivers in the system or are having any issue with the working of the system, then you should certainly check the drivers installed previously. You can also use the following method if you just want to gain some info about the versions of the drivers installed.

Just download this great and small application called DriverView. This utility is so helpful that even without installing and just by running the application you can find the list of installed drivers in your system and also different info of them.

The utility is quite easy to use. When launched it shows the list of the drivers and if you wish to see the details of any of them just double click on it. The application shows many things like load address of the driver, description, version, product name, company that created the driver and many other things.
You can even save the list in a file and compare with the list generated when you have any issues with the system.

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