Find, Listen and Record Worldwide Radio Stations

Almost everyone is addicted to music today. We all know that music is the best aid to rest our minds. Some listen to their favorite music on radio on their handheld devices others on their desktops and computers. If you listen to music on radio, then do you know that there are around hundreds of radio stations across the world?

Yes, it is true. Actually each country has its own radio stations but you can find only 9-10 stations in your country. But Antenna, an Adobe Air application helps you to locate the rest of the channels. It shows you the working channels in each country. You can save those channels and can listen to them whenever you want.

When you will run this application you will find two movable windows. One will show you an interactive map and the corresponding window will show you the locations of the radio stations. Channels can be located by country or genre too.

Another amazing feature of this application is that it allows you to record live music. You can actually record a radio broadcast while streaming just by clicking the ‘Record’ button. If you don’t have any idea about the location you can identify and choose locations by the available flags.

The interface of this application is very straight forward and very easy to use. The app is completely free, and the developer maintains the master list of radio stations. If you’re not sure what you want to listen to, you can just click anywhere on the globe to explore music from different countries around the world. This app works on all versions of Windows and even on Mac and Linux.

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