Find Meaning and other Info of a Highlighted Text in Chrome with Dictionary Bubble

Lot many times we come across certain words and phrases that we don’t understand and are not aware of. This can be a common scene with those who are learning English or don’t have it as their primary language. So what we do in that case, look for the terms and phrases on Google? Yes, while that’s not wrong to do, there is an easier way of doing this. With the help of some browser extensions we can get the meaning and other information right on the page itself.

We have written about one such extension recently called as Curiyo, but here is another useful and easy extension that can provide you with information like definitions, synonyms, adjectives and others and that too with just a double click on the word or with the highlight of the phrase.


The extension is for Chrome and is called as Dictionary Bubble. As the name of the extension suggests, it pops out a small bubble whenever you highlight a text or double click a word with the information in it. With the bubble of information presented right there, you don’t have to leave the tab.

This extension can also provide you with pronunciation of the words both in textual and audible form. You will notice a speaker icon, clicking on which will speak the word for you so that you know how the word is pronounced.


While there are lot many extensions that do the same work like Google Dictionary extension but why I like it is because it provides necessary information as a bubble and if you need to find more about it, then there is a “More” button too clicking which will fetch more information instantly.

So if you liked the extension, you can get it from the link below. Just remember, the extension will work only on the pages loaded after its installation.

Download Dictionary Bubble

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