Find Meanings of Words with Google Dictionary Chrome Extension

I come across new words and phrases daily about which I rarely know, so to understand their meanings I need to go to Google and use the define parameter to get its meaning somewhat like “define haphazard” which will give me the meaning of the word haphazard.

Google uses the database defined at their backend to get the meaning but if you are the person who use Chrome and visit Google or other dictionary website for the meanings, then this article will surely interest you.

Using the chrome extension called Google Dictionary you can get the meaning of any word right in your browser without any need to open any new tab or page. There are two ways of getting the definitions of a word; one is click on the extension which will open a form n your browser where you can search for the word, results will be displayed in that form only.

The other method is simpler than the first one as (after enabling this option) you can just double click any word that you come across and press Ctrl button to pop up a bubble displaying its meaning right over the word. I found this way too cool to use just the issue being you cannot search for a word other than being displayed on the page but for that purpose we have the first method right?

If you like to get the meanings of the words then you surely don’t want to miss out on this extension.

Download Google Dictionary Extension

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