Find out the Gadgets connected to your Wi-Fi Network

With the increasing number of devices having the feature of Wifi connectivity, we are seeing more and more people connecting to the Wi-Fi network to use and browse the internet. But with this increase in number there have increased the security vulnerability.

Although one should use the security feature of the Wi-Fi network and should password protect their Wi-Fi network so that no unauthorized person is able to use it but there can be some security gaps too if the owner don’t know much about the security.

There are like two encryption types used for securing Wi-Fi network namely WEP and WPA, but selecting one out of the two also depends upon the device type and the knowledge the user have. Thus here is a tool that can let you know who all are connected to your Wi-Fi network at any given point of time.

With the help of this free tool called Wireless Network Watcher, you can not only determine the IP address of the system/gadget using your wi-fi network but also view its name, MAC address , device type and certain other things. You can also save the list too.

To be able to use this program, you just need to be connected first to the Wi-Fi network with your system having this program present and then run it in your machine. The tool is really great to use and can display all the devices connected to your Wi-Fi network at any time either with authorization or without one.

Download Wireless Network Watcher

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