Find out the Processes that are Delaying Windows Startup

Almost every one of us is frustrated at the Windows taking a long time to boot the computer. There is nothing much we can do about it but see it taking a little longer at the startup than the last time.

Ever wondered what Windows actually does while booting? There are many processes that are to be started at the booting but which process actually takes the maximum time?

BootLog XP is a Windows Boot Analyzer that analyzes the computer at the next boot and tells us which process is taking what time to load at the startup, thus enabling us to see the actual time taken by each startup process (as shown below).

So what you have to do is just download this tool called BootLog XP and run it in your PC. Click on the “Test at Next Boot” button and restart your computer.

Note: Reboot will take a bit longer than usual as in this case BootLog XP is working in background, so don’t panic.

After the startup you will be presented with a detailed report of the analysis made of the Windows Boot procedure with time of each process being listed in front of it (as shown).

It will also display the total time taken to boot the system. The only limitation of this tool is that it comes under 30 day trial but this is enough to test our system. So remove all those unwanted processes taking much time.

Download BootLog XP

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