Find Out which Programs you should Uninstall with Should I Remove It?

Whenever we buy a new computer, it comes preloaded with many software programs some of which we may find useful but not all. Therefore it is always a good idea to remove all those programs which we haven’t used for quite some time or even don’t intend to in the coming future. Why? This would free up the space by deleting all the useless registries and other stuffs, and will help your computer to perform better.

We have shared a post recently on how to delete these bloatware instantly, which you can read here but if you are facing some kind of hesitation in knowing what all programs should you remove and what not, then this post will help you.


The tool we are discussing today is called as “Should I Remove It?” and as the name suggests, it helps the people in deciding what all software installed on their machines are safe to remove and should be removed. The tool gives a removal percentage of a program when you run this tool, which shows that how many people have removed that particular software.

I know deciding on which program to remove or not, can be a tough question but with the help of this tool you can make your decision based on the trend of the removal percentage. The removal percentage is shown in different colors, red for the highest removal percentage software, yellow for those which might come handy to you and green for the ones which you may keep.

The tool also lets you know about more details on software if you click on the “What is it” button and also enables you to directly uninstall the program without the need of visiting the control panel.

The tool works great on all versions of Windows, if you want to give it a try then here is the link.

Download Should I Remove It?

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