Find, Recover and Protect your Stolen Laptop with LockItTight

Laptops these days are so expensive that one can only wish to buy that lavish laptops and what if you have one? Well you need to protect it from various troubles. I have a good configuration laptop which I bought few months ago and it has my personal data too which I can’t afford to miss. What if somebody steals it? Laptop thefts are on a high these days and thus you got to be more alert to protect it.

But practically you can’t always be with your laptop all the time and this is when someone will try to steal it. Had there been a way by which the laptop can let us know its position on its “own”, recovering it would have been easy but in reality it is not the case. Thus you need to protect it with some app that can at least tell you the location and the activities performed on it when it has been stolen.

There are lots of tools and services available that can perform this for you like one of the famous services called as LoJack. I, personally have LoJack installed in my machine as it came free for an year with the purchase but what after the year? LoJack comes with a price which everyone might not be able afford.


Here is another great and yet free service called as LockItTight. Just like other services, LockItTight also runs in the background and stays dormant unless activated remotely with your online account. There are lots of options that this tool can do for you, if your laptop is stolen:


Screen Captures: You can take screen shots remotely
Webcam shots: Yes you can actually bust the thief by taking shots from the webcam.
Key Logger: Keep track of the keys pressed on the laptop and save the reports
Location Tracking: You can also find the physical location of the laptop, once connected to the internet.
File Management: Recover your files remotely
Website Blocking: Block any website remotely

There are many more other things that this tool is capable of performing. LockItTight comes in few pricing options too if you wish to upgrade from some of the restrictions provided in the free account.

The tool is great to have in the computer as without something like this it would be close to impossible to determine the location of the stolen laptop.

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