Find Serial Keys of your Installed Software

We have many tools and programs installed in our systems right? Some of them are free while other are paid and have a serial associated with them. This serial key was provided to us by either on email or on the box/manual of the program when we purchased it.

Although we won’t be requiring the serial again but what if you decide to format your system and reinstall these applications? You will lose all these programs and will have to install these again with the license keys that you used before. This is not a problem unless you have all the keys written with you but what if you don’t remember any?

Here is a simple and sweet tool called LicenseCrawler that can search the keys for you of all your installed programs. This tool can provide (apart from all the default program keys like Microsoft, Windows) keys of tools like Nero, VMWare or other third party tools. Using this tool, you can save yourself from the unnecessary burden of searching your user manuals or emails for the product serials.

Moreover this being a freeware is free to use. LicenseCrawler is very simple to use and can be run directly from an external drive like a pen drive. It is supported on all version of Windows and is pretty safe to use too.

Download LicenseCrawler

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