Find Similar Extensions in Chrome

As we all know that chrome provides extensions to enhance the experience of the user of using the browser. What if the extension that you have downloaded gets disabled? Then you could hope that the developer posts an update eventually. But what if the extension has been deleted from the store? Then we look for similar extensions that will serve the purpose.

Instead of finding it by checking each and every extension, you should use the ‘Related’ feature of Chrome store. But this feature can be used only if the extension is still present in the store. If you see the error message that: “Item not found. This item may have been removed by the author” then you have to search it manually in the store.

If you want to use the related feature then you have two options, one is that you just copy and paste the link of the extension and further add “/related” in the link. You will find the similar extension by this method. The other method is to open the window of the extension in the Chrome store and click on the “Related” tab.

When you will use this feature you will find a total of 12 related extensions on this page, and while results are sometimes way off, they often highlight at least a few extensions that are indeed similar to the selected extension. Even the page also consists of the extensions developed by the same developer, as it may happen that he would have created a new version of that extension with another name.

We do not say that this is an extraordinary tip, but yeah it is a basic tip that the users may be unaware of. We will try to get something for you which will help you to find extensions even if they are removed from the store.

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