Find, Track and Protect your Lost Android Device with Droid Finder

With the technology getting better and better these days, Android devices are also getting expensive and helpful. This has given rise to increase in phone thefts. Well nobody wishes to lose their phone and with everyone having their personal information, contacts, messages, important documents, and secret information, am sure nobody would like to lose it. Hence you should make sure you have something in your phone that can protect your phone from thefts, help recover it if lost and also can wipe out your data.

Here is a very useful application for your Android devices called as Droid Finder as it helps in securing your phone against theft, helps you find your misplaced device and much more. Droid Finder is the best tool to protect your devices from intruder, theft or to find your phone when you misplaced.


As you can see from the main GUI, it can tell you whether your phone is in complete protection or not. Also you can make use of the Anti-Theft and Find my Droid features available on the homepage. Features of both the options are listed below.

• Prevents unauthorized access your devices
• Records any attempt to by pass device lock and notify the owner by SMS or email with intruder face captured by front camera.
• Re-lock device with a ramdom code
• Track connected WiFi hotspots and other valuable information
• Detect & notify SIM card changed
• 4 preset-mode to alert you when a theft or intruder try to access your device: silent, medium, aggressive, and custom

Find my Droid:
• Locate device on Google Maps
• Smart activity recognizing: device is in vehicle, on bicycle, on foot or stand-still
• Display messages on locked screen
• Lock device with new passcode
• Take and view photo
• Remote wipe SD Card, app data or device (factory reset).


Lost Mode:
Making it even easier to find and protect a missing Android. Droid Finder immediately
• Take a photo with front camera
• Lock device with a random passcode
• Sends a message with contact number to be call back.
• Track device locations, connected WiFi



So in short if there is someone who is trying to fiddle with your Android device, he will be instantly captured with your device’s front camera. If you are trying to find your device, then you can make use of the web dashboard to find its location on the Google Maps (this will require your device to be in data connection either GSM, or WiFi). Or say if someone tries to change the SIM card, then it will text you with the call back number. Interesting isn’t it?


To be able to use the app you need to install it first and then sign in using your Google+ profile. You can then configure the app according to you, as it has lots of options, some of which are shown in the screenshot here. You will also be required to visit this web dashboard and login with the same Google+ profile so that you can control your device remotely.

Visit the link below to download the app and also to know more on how to use the app.

Download Droid Finder

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