How to Find Which Tab is Consuming Max Memory in Chrome

We all like to surf the internet and when it comes to me, I spend most of my time on internet reading about stuffs. This is why I tend to keep multiple tabs opened on my Chrome browser at any given point of time. Some tabs consume less memory whereas there are others which take much memory and make the computer sluggish.

What would you do to free this consumed memory? I guess you would look up the processes in the task manager but it won’t be of much help as what you will see is the multiple processes of the same name Chrome.exe. Then how will you know which tab is it that had consumed the maximum memory?


Well here are few steps using which you can find out for yourself which Chrome tab you should close to free up system memory.

• The easiest way is to find the memory usage in the Chrome Task Manager. Yes you heard it right; Chrome also got its own task manager which shows the usage and the memory consumption.

• To open the Chrome Task Manager, either press Shift+Esc while Chrome is active, or Right Click on the title bar and select the option of Task Manager.


• Here you can see memory wise listing of all the opened tabs in your browser. Now you can sort the tabs by memory usage and close it independently.

• Another detailed method is to click the button below that reads “Stats for nerds” which will open the more detailed task manager of the Chrome.


• Here you can see many other details of the tabs too like the process ID, memory usage and others. So that you can kill the respective process from the task manager too.

• To kill the process from task manager, go to Run, type taskkill /PID in Windows (here PID is the process ID read from the task manager above).

Well this is how you can find out which tab in your Chrome browser was consuming the maximum memory and which one to close to free up the space.

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