Find your First Tweet on Twitter with Topsy

This one is for all the social media addicts, especially the Twitter fans. If you would like to check your older tweets and your first tweet with which you started your updates on twitter, then this post will definitely going to help you. Well, if you wish to go down the memory lane and see what all you have tweeted till now, it’s not at all difficult to do so. Moreover sometimes it is a good idea to check your old tweets, feel nostalgic and relive the old memories.

With the help of this free online service called as Topsy, you can do that easily. Topsy is a free online service that records all the tweets including yours since 2006. So if you search your twitter handle in that, you are sure to find all the tweets of yours. As you can see in the image below, I checked mine and then sorted by the “Oldest” filter to see my first tweet on Twitter.


To be able to check your first Twitter tweet you just need to visit Topsy, click on the Tweets tab and type “from:your_handle” and press enter. You will then see all the tweets by you with your image, presenting you with some sorting options. My first tweet happened to be the simple “Finally I am TWITTERing” message. With this service, I also lived my old memories and felt nostalgic about that time.


Topsy not only provides you the tweets tweeted by you over the time but everything linked to your account name on twitter. So if you search under the Everything tab with your account name you will actually find what all activities are going on, who all have linked to you and some logistics too. In my case, I didn’t get anything for me since my twitter handle is a very common name, but you can check yours to find out.

So if you liked Topsy and want to give it a try may be just to find out what your first tweet was, here is the link at the bottom.

Visit Topsy

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