Find your Hard Disk’s Speed and Data Transfer Rate

Wanted to know what is your hard disk’s speed? Well if you are uncertain of your disk’s performance and wanted to verify its speed and other details then here is a free tool for you that can do the same work easily.

The free tool is called Roadkil’s Disk Speed. It can perform certain tests to determine how fast your disk is and how fast it can transfer the data from one location to another. In simple words, if you wished to determine your Hard Disk’s speed and data transfer rate then try out this free tool Roadkil’s Disk Speed.

The information provided includes data transfer rate for linear reads, random read transfer rate and the seek time of the drive. An overall score is given so you can compare different brands of drives when purchasing. Information about the drive such as firmware revision, model, size, file system and more is displayed.

The software is free to use and supports all the versions of the Windows OS. The tool is very small in size and the archive file can be downloaded from below.

Download Roadkil’s Disk Speed

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