Firefox 13.0.1 Fixes Flash 11.3 Crash Problem

Previously the final version of Firefox 13 which was released by Mozilla, encountered a problem related to the Flash plug-in. Just a few days ago, a new version of Adobe flash plug-in 11.3 was released. Almost all users updated their browsers with the plug-in but Firefox 13 users reported that the plug-in got crashed while surfing the WebPages.

This problem would have risen due to the new Flash Player function “Protected Mode for Firefox“. However the company was unable to fix this problem in Firefox 13, hence Mozilla has released a new Firefox version 13.0.1 in which the company has incorporated the best possible efforts to terminate this problem.

Let us check the problems that are fixed in this new release:

• Your hotmail account will not get automatically updated and also Windows Messenger will not load in Hotmail anymore

• Flash player 11.3 crashes sometimes while navigating through WebPages.

• Hebrew text sometimes rendered incorrectly

Rests of the features are the same as in the Firefox 13. Those who are unaware of the features and improvements that were brought with the Release of Firefox 13, they can review our previous post Firefox 13 now Available for Download.

This release of Firefox 13.0.1 will be soon available for users. If you are using a previous version of Firefox, then you can easily get your browser upgraded using the “Check for Updates” option within your Firefox’s “About Window”. However if you are using any other browser and wants to switch over to Firefox now, then you can download it directly from the Mozilla ftp server or from the link given below.

Download Firefox 13.0.1 Final Version

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  1. Firefox released an update to “fix the problem”. Adobe released an update to “fix the problem”. They said the problem was fixed. It is not. I’ve had to stop using FireFox altogether because I was still getting frequent crashes (particularly when you have Flash on more than one tab). The problem is still quite real.

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