Firefox 4 Released: Steps to Follow

By now you must have known that Mozilla had released the latest version of the browser Firefox 4. Below are the major changes that Mozilla had incorporated in the browser.

•    Tabs on top
•    Add-on manager
•    Menu tab
•    App tab
•    Private browsing
•    Password manager
•    Customizations
•    Synchronization

Steps for clean install:

Now if you have decided to switch to the new version of the browser then you should have a look at the following things that you should do.

Backup the bookmarks

To backup your bookmarks completely, use the Mozilla Backup tool called MozBackup. Use the version as in the link as it will serve you better with the Firefox 4.

Uninstall/install Firefox

You may either completely remove the earlier version of the Firefox before installing this new version or just update the older version.

Restore bookmarks

After the successful installation of the browser, it is time to restore the bookmarks that we have just backed up. You can use the same tool MozBackup again, for this purpose.

Download Firefox 4

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