First Computer Virus and First Antivirus?

Ever wondered in this age of computer viruses which was the first Windows computer virus? There are so many computer viruses today that combating them is not at all possible without the use of a good Antivirus.

Here is an interesting share (via thewindowsclub) that discusses the world’s first Windows virus and antivirus. To the surprise of most of you, the first computer virus was known as Brain Virus and was reported to be created in Pakistan in 1986. Brain was a boot sector virus and only infected 360k floppy disks.

The first MBR (Master Boot Record) infector was known as Stoned which was actually coded by a student at University at Wellington, New Zealand.

While we are sure of the first PC virus, there are claims from different companies for the manufacturer of first Anti Virus. However as per the share, we come to know that the first publicly documented process of virus removal was created by Bernd Fix in 1987.

With the passage of time, there were more AVs invented that provided some help to the users struggling with the computer virus infection. However in 1991, the major change came with the advent of the Norton Antivirus.

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