First Metro Version of Google Chrome is Out

You must be already aware of the fact that Chrome browser would soon be having Metro feature as there in Windows 8. Windows 8 has two interfaces to work with, one is the desktop interface, the normal one we all use and the Metro interface, which somehow, supports less functionality and features as compared with the desktop interface.

All the developers are trying to create their application that will support the new version of windows OS. For instance, Microsoft is providing a copy of Internet Explorer 10 for Metro that is limited in functionality. It does not support plug-in, and seems to have been optimized for touch-based devices. Firefox is also working to create such browser which be based on Metro based UI.

Coming up to Google Chrome, it has made an extraordinary progress in creating a browser that will implement the Metro Based UI. The latest Chrome Dev release offers the first public implementation of the Metro featured browser. When Windows 8 users install this Chrome Dev browser, they will find that the browser is now opening in Metro based interface.

For the first time when you will run the browser, you will find it similar to the old desktop version. You will not find any window controls to maximize, minimize or change the size of the window in the Metro version. However you can drag the browser to the either side bar of your screen. Also the menu is larger and optimized for the touch-input.

Also while using the browser, I found that the changes that you make in the Metro based browser will not be applicable on the desktop based browser even you are required to sign in to both the browsers separately. Overall the themes and other stuffs that we used to run in our browsers are also working properly. You can download the browser from the link given below.

Download Chrome Dev version

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