Fix Blurry, Shaky and Out of Focus photos with Unshake

We all must have experienced this situation some time or the other in our life that when we try to click pictures with our camera or our mobile phone, we may get a blurred and out of focus image. This thing can spoil our mood if we can never go back at that place to click the image again.

Being a person always interested in Photography, I have experienced this situation many times. So if you are also facing this situation and want to fix those images then here is a tool that can do that. The tool is called as Unshake is a Java-2 and C program based on deconvolution algorithm which improves blurred and shaken photographs by working out the form of the blurring, then deducing what the picture would have looked like if it had not been blurred. Because it is written in Java, once you have installed Sun’s Java 2 (Java Runtime Environment) all you have to do is to unzip one file to install Unshake on your computer.

Install the tool, and you will need to play around with it for some time to be able to understand what settings are the best for the image.

Download Unshake

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