Fix .Net Framework Issues with Microsoft .NET Framework Repair Tool

Previously to fix .NET Framework issues, we were all dependent on third party applications as there was no official application available from Microsoft for such purposes. But recently a tool has been released by Microsoft in order to solve those issue related to installation of .NET framework on your computer. This tool has been named Microsoft .NET Framework Repair tool.

With this tool you will be able to perform all fixes for the issues related to the setup of or with updates to the Microsoft .NET Framework. This tool is also capable to repair corrupted Microsoft .NET Framework 4 installations. Microsoft has also added language packs of .NET Framework 4 in the setup.

This tool is appropriate for all the users who are going through .NET Framework related problems. You are required to download it and save it on your system. After that when you will run it, it will take some time to make alterations with the previously installed .NET framework on your Computer by taking your permission in the following way:

“Correct the state of Windows Installer on the computer, reset the DACLs on certain folders, or resolve some issues that are related to invalid or corrupted update registration”.

The working of this tool includes four stages. In the first stage the tool will troubleshoots the issue; after that it will find appropriate fixes and apply it with the consent of the user, thirdly it tries to repair .NET framework 4 and collect logs data. After going through the above three stages, anyhow if the tool fails to resolve installation issue on your Computer then it may send .cab file that contains logs to Microsoft authorities but that can be restricted by clicking the cancel button.

The tool is really very helpful to solve such .NET Framework issues. It will properly make entire setup problem associated with .NET Framework 4 correct on Windows XP SP3/Vista/7. If you want to find some more details regarding this software, you can visit Support Microsoft. You can directly download the tool from the link given below.

Download .NET Framework Repair tool

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