Fix Safe Mode not working with Safe Mode Fixer

When something goes wrong with the normal account, you may wish to enter the Windows Safe Mode to have more admin control but I have seen that certain times, even safe mode fail to load and therefore does not work. This was the same issue with one of our readers, who wanted to fix the issue of safe mode not working.

Owing to the following situations, your safe mode which has been working till now may stop working and fail to load. The situations are described at MS KB page:

• A mass storage driver (SCSI or IDE) is damaged or has been accidentally removed.

• The Ntoskrnl.exe or Hal.dll file is damaged.

• A program replaced system files that are critical to the operation of Windows.

• Moreover, this can also happen due to some malicious virus activity that has blocked the safe mode so that you can’t remove them.

Well nothing much can be done from our end if the safe mode is not working, but here is a tool called Windows Safe Mode Fixer that can help. This application is a simple tool that can run with just a click. When you click the Fix button on this tool, you won’t be able to know what it is doing in the backend, all that you see would be the system restarting after fixing the safe mode issue.

Since the tool require complete admin rights, to run and fix the system, make sure that no antivirus or firewall is blocking it. The tool is designed to restart the system after fixing the safe mode issue, so you may like to try accessing the safe mode at the restart process.

The tool is free to use for personally and can work on both 32 and 64-bit Windows OS.

Download Windows Safe Mode Fixer

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