Fix Samsung S6 Edge/Galaxy Phones Wifi Turning OFF and ON Automatically

I have this Samsung S6 Edge Plus phone that I like a lot but recently I came across this issue where my phone’s wifi kept turning off and on again and again automatically without me touching or clicking anything on the screen. That looked weird to me and I tried reaching out to the Samsung support to show that video and the problem but they replied their standard suggestion to factory format the phone which I didn’t want to.

So I did some research on the issue myself and then determined the cause of the problem and also the solution. Here is what you need to know.

What’s the cause of the problem:

Well, the cause of the problem is that our phone comes with default configurations that allow the apps and the services in the phone to accurately determine the location of the phone (when needed) by checking with GPS, WiFi and mobile data. This also means they can and will enable the wifi themselves even if the wifi is turned off.

Solution to fix this problem:

  1. Go to your phone’s Location settings, easiest way to do that is to press your GPS button on the notification bar and it will open the settings.
  2. Enable the GPS if its OFF, this will enable the settings below.
  3. Go to Locating Method, click the GPS only button.
  4. This will allow the phone to consult GPS to determine your phone’s location and not the Wifi and mobile network.
  5. Now go back and press on the Improve Accuracy button.
  6. Turn off wifi scanning as well as Bluetooth scanning, so your phone wont enable the wifi on its own.

That’s it, now your phone won’t be turning On and OFF the wifi again and again and in case you feel you are not happy with the location accuracy, you can go back and undo these changes yourself.

Check this video that I created as a tutorial and easier understanding.

Let me know what do you think about it.

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