Fix the error of explorer.exe.mdmp

It has been reported by one of our readers that while working on the computer his XP shows these errors:



For all those of you who are thinking that this is caused by some virus, then it would be worthwhile to note that this problem is not caused due to any virus.

.mdmp and .hdmp files are the Dump files that are created when some error occurs in the Windows, that is, if Windows crashes. Both of these files are Microsoft’s Error Reporting dump files.


1.    These files are pure waste so we should first delete them before anything which might solve our problem too. These files are located in Temp folder inside Local Settings folder. So just delete all the files inside the Temp folder as this folder contains only the waste files.

2.    After this we may need to run the Chkdsk scan on the system to try fixing the errors on the disk. Right click on the root drive and go to Tools tab. Now click “Check Now” button inside “Error-Checking” option to start chkdsk scan on the reboot.

I hope these should fix the problem.

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  1. I have seen many solutions and answers but I have had this happen to me twice, both times it was the h264codec ! 1st time it was from avs converter and today it came from my pinnacle software. pinnacle was fine TILL i disconnected it and then it gave problems on the codec.
    So everyone having these problems, do a search on your computer for the codec and uninstall that program or if possible just the codec.

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