Fix the Problem of Flickering Monitor Screen

If you have observed lately that your system’s monitor screen has started flickering then you can get rid of this problem most of the times. Although LCD monitors flicker very less as compared to the older CRT monitors but yes they do sometimes.

Flickering monitor can cause several problems to you like headache or strain on the eyes, so you can follow the steps as listed to get rid of this problem.

Why monitor screen flickering occur?

The monitor screen refreshes every second to be able to display content on the screen and this unit is in Hertz (Hz). Usually our computer monitor have refresh rates of around 60-80 Hz (can vary as depends only on the screen to screen).

Thus any problem in the screen refresh rate can cause the screen to flicker.

How to reduce Flickering of monitor

1.    You need to go to the Monitor settings, to be able to change the refresh rate for the monitor.
2.    Right click on the Desktop, click “Screen Resolution” (in Windows 7)

3.    In the window that opens, click the “Advanced Settings” button.
4.    Select the Monitor tab

5.    Now in the drop down of Refresh rate, try changing to the maximum available refresh rate of the screen.

Note: This solely depends on the screen you have, so certain option may not work. Set the rate that works fine.

Doing this must have reduced the monitor screen flicker to some extent.

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