Fix the problem of limited or no connection

One of our readers was facing this problem that after formatting the PC and connecting to the internet there was an error message saying “limited or no connection” and after that another message popped up saying “network didn’t assign a network address to the computer”.

Why the problem is occurring?

Well the problem is self explanatory, limited or no connection is because the computer was not able to detect any network address that will enable it to connect to the internet. That means the DHCP server on the router is not working.

Solution to the problem:

1.    Open the “Local area connection properties” dialog box.
2.    Double click on the TCP/IP to change the system IP address.

3.    We need to give the static IP ourselves and to do this we have to click on “Use this IP address” and set the IP address that our net provider has given us.
4.    Usually Subnet mask is and
Default gateway is (but it is advisable to set the settings that are given by the ISP)
5.    You may also need to configure the router as well.

Internet should be working all fine now.

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