Fix the problem of WMS Idle error on shutdown

This is the problem that one of our viewers is facing these days that whenever he tries to shutdown the computer an error message pops up saying:

End Program-WMS Idle
If you choose to end the program immediately, you will lose any unsaved data. To end the program now, click End Now”.

Now we remain with no option but to click on End Now button. So if you are also facing the same problem and thinking that it is caused by some virus then it will be good to know that it is not caused by any virus but is caused by Nero ( may be you are running Nero Essentials on your system).

Steps to fix the problem:

1.    Go to Start–> All Programs –> Nero –> Tools –> Nero Scout.

2.    A Nero Scout Options window will get open.

3.    On the left column go to Indexing –> Folders.

4.    Click on the option “Clear All” at bottom. Apply.

5.    Now uncheck the box where it says “Enable Nero Scout” at the top left hand corner of the window.

6.    Click Apply and OK.

Note: If you are facing the same problem even without the installed Nero, then there must be some related processes running in the background like NMBgMonitor.exe, NMIndexingService.exe, NMIndexStoreSvr.exe and NmFirstStart.exe, disabling them will solve the problem.

This will solve the WMS Idle problem which appears every time when shutting down Windows.

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  1. The solution you provided for the problem of WMS idle has successfully worked. Now I overcome my problem, and my computer is running perfectly. Thanks alot Rajat.

  2. OOOwww my ur a genius,I talked to my 2 IT friend and they cnt do anything abt WMS Idle in my laptop…After following wht u said, my problem solved…!ur a genius bro…THanks a lot!

  3. Not even close. This error occurs without Nero on the Machine, and without Communicator on the machine.

  4. this problem occured when configured outlook express for my mail id( my view) in win xp sp2. just restore back previous day solved the problem.

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