How to Fix WordPress not Showing Most Recent Post on Homepage

I recently moved to a new hosting provider and did all the migration myself. From backups to installation entire process went smooth but this day when I came to know that my new post (also known as most recent post) isn’t showing up on the homepage of the blog. This was strange to me as when I opened the post from the link it displayed to me as normal.

If you are also seeing something like this, where you are able to see your original post when visited directly but not showing up on the homepage then I figured out the solution for you and did that myself to fix the issue.


Well, the solution is as simple as it can be and it is related to your cache of the browser. So if you want to verify, try visiting the homepage via some other browser or via mobile device, you will see that your post will be showing there as normal.

So the answer is simple, your current browser where you aren’t seeing the post is actually picking up the homepage from the cached data. Thus, clear your cache and let it re-cache it.

Yes, clearing up your cache and web data like cookies will fix this problem. Try it and let me know.

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