Flashmirrors let you upload file to multiple File Sharing services simultaneously

There are lot many file sharing services available like Rapidshare, MegaUpload etc that deciding where to upload a file becomes bit tedious. While most of these services are free, some charge fees for their usage thus deciding between which service to use becomes really important.

Moreover it’s not necessary that all these services work great, some are extremely slow or some have low hosting space. So in case you are also worried where to upload a file and where not then to help your this task easier we have a free web service called FlashMirrors.

sWhat FlashMirrors does is, it uploads the file browsed by you and shares the file with at least 20 other file sharing websites. After you upload the file, the max upload size for each service is also showed beneath the service name that gets listed for you to know that where did your file get uploaded.

After the successful upload the uploaded file is provided with a download link that can be used for downloading the same file again. The link will be provided for all the websites that uploaded the file.

FlashMirrors looks like a great site to share a file with many others file sharing services.

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