Forcefully Empty Recycle Bin of All Users same time

Mostly people living in a joint family own a shared workspace that is being used by more than one member of the family. In some cases people use the same user profile on the computer but there are some that create separate user profiles of each individual on their Windows machine. While creating multiple user accounts is a good idea but managing all those can be a problem.

This problem can be worsened if you are a network admin and have many user profiles created on a single computer. Each user account has got its own set of directories and files like the Recycle Bin. So suppose if someone does not delete its data from the recycle bin, it will consume the shared space of others too.

Thus it becomes important for the network admins, to forcefully empty the recycle bin of all the users at the same time so that the space can be freed upon. But if you are thinking that this is some hectic task as one will have to log in into all the user accounts then here is a way that is easier.

All you need is the access to the admin account and by running the following command prompt command in the elevated command prompt, you can delete all the files off the recycle bin of all the user accounts.

Open the cmd and type in the following command:

rd /s c:\$Recycle.Bin


Note that this command will empty the recycle bin contents of only the C drive. So if you wish to empty the contents of recycle bin of some other drive too then type it as rd /s d:\$Recycle.Bin

But I would advise you to be cautious as you won’t want to delete any important file or would you?

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