Form your own Mathematical Equations in Google Chrome

More or less we all are dependent on internet. Even if we do not get a solution for a problem we put our questions on Google and scroll down to search the desired result. This proves that now days your Web Browser is no longer just a program on your computer.

Mathematical problems are a great threat to the students. At some point of time I too disliked Math as there were lots of formulae to remember. Now with introduction of an extension in Chrome store you will be able to create and edit equations to get your problems solved (but we would still like you to try solving yourselves :P)

Daum Equation Editor is a web-app which is basically a browser extension for Google Chrome and can be downloaded from the Google Web Store for free of cost. The program is designed to Edit Mathematical Equation or formula very quickly and easily.

Features of Daum Equation Editor :

1. Create formulas with the click of a button.

2. Create formulas with TeX input editor. (latex)

3. Changing the size and layout of the formula.

4. Images created with a formula to save to your PC.

5. Text files created with a formula to save to your PC.

6. Support common text input.

7. Support copy and paste.

8. Support task history.

Many formulas are pre written in this extension and you can add many more equations for your problems. It will be proved as a blessing for science as well as commerce students. All the students will really like this extension. So grab the extension and get your problems solved.

Download Daum Equation Editor

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