Format your Computer

Most of us do not like formatting their computer because of the data stored in it and the hard work involved in setting it up again.

In this edition of the Tip of the Week, we would learn the advantages of formatting the computer and why should you do it soon.

Advantages of Formatting the Computer:

1.    Formatting a computer takes out most of your computer software troubles if not all. It not only removes all the malicious programs and viruses but also cleans it up.

2.    Speeds up your slow computer: it wipes off all the temporary and useless files that had made your computer go slow.

3.    Removes all the registry problems if your computer has been running improperly because of this.

4.    Gives you another reason to remove all those programs that you do not use now but are still occupying your Hard Disk space.

Well these are just a few of one can think of.

Tip of the Week:

Well if you have not formatted your computer for a long time now, do it this weekend (just make sure you have all the required drivers and software).

Formatting computer is a good habit!

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