Free Analog Desktop Clock for Windows

Starting Windows Vista, users have got the analog clock on their desktop which is easy to view and also looks cool on the wallpaper behind. Moreover there are some options to choose from in Windows 7 but what if you use Windows XP?

Windows XP don’t have such clock, so in case you are still using Windows XP and want such cool looking Windows Vista analog clock then you can surely download one from here. Not only the clock looks great, displays time but can also be used to set alarm for any event that you don’t want to forget.

So just visit the link at the bottom, go to the downloads page, and download the version you want to install. You can also configure the clock for some options, and can also setup alarm. The clock looks much similar to the Vista analog clock and if you like that, I am sure you will love to get it on your system too.

ClocX is analog clock application for Microsoft Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista. It is programmed in C++ language, which ensures small executable binary, optimal speed and low memory usage. You can also see the calendar for any date/time you wish using this clock.

Download ClocX

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