Free and Reliable Keyloggers

You must be aware of the keyloggers but if you don’t know much about them then here is the post to know more and how to stay safe from them.

But some people may wish to use a keylooger for monitoring the activities on their computer say the case of parents who want to monitor the activities of their children on the internet, for this purpose keyloggers are very useful.

Here is a list of some free and good Keyloggers that work in background and without getting noticed even in the Task Manager, sends you the list of typed strokes.

1.    Revealer Keylogger

It is a simple, easy to use and powerful keylogger that can serve the required purpose for you. Works in background and also supports password protection.

2.    REFOG Free Keylogger

Along with usual features this tool provide various other features as well like monitoring how many times certain word is typed on net.

3.    Actual Keylogger

The interface can be password protected and the log files are encrypted. Reports can be viewed as HTML or plain text.

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  1. I want a keylogger wich can be sent by email attaching with any file like word file or image file. And it must be free.

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