Free Batch EPUB to MOBI converter for Kindle Fire

If you are some person who like reading books and especially on computer then you must have known about this ebook format called EPUB, Electronic Publication in short. This is a famous ebook format with the extension of .epub that is used worldwide. Another famous ebook format used today is MOBI with the extension .mobi (earlier used by MobiPocket Reader).

But after this MOBI format was acquired by Amazon, it has been started to be used in its Kindle Fire device. This simply means that if you have ebooks in epub format and wants them to read in your Kindle Fire device then you can’t (at least directly, as you will need to convert them first). Here is a simple yet reliable EPUB to MOBI converter called “EPUB to MOBI”.

EPUB to MOBI converter also supports batch conversion which allows you to convert all your ebooks in a single go and without the need to convert a single file again and again. The conversion process is also very fast and what you all need to do is just add the files, select the destination folder and click the Convert button (or press Ctrl + E).

The reason why you would want this tool is that it is very fast and simpler than other tools that do the same function. So go ahead and convert all the .epub ebooks you have to run them on your Amazon Kindle Fire with .mobi format.

Download EPUB to MOBI converter

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