Free Countdown Timer Code for Werbsite

Have you been blogging or managing a website? In case you are then you must have come across certain occasions when you wanted to place a countdown timer widget on your web page waiting for some occasion or some time period to end.

There are occasions when you wish to place a countdown timer on your website so that you can let your visitors know about something that is going to end soon. There are many web services that can provide you with the code and in different ways too but here are the two that I liked the most of them.

1.    Countdown Timer Generator

This service will allow you to generate a countdown timer easily and in few simple steps while the preview is being shown above. The timer will consist of timer in days, hrs, mins and secs. You can also change the size of the timer to be displayed.

It is one of the simplest and good looking timers that I came across which you can place anywhere on your website.

2.    Timeanddate countdown timer

This one is bit different and require a little more configuration so that you can use those for your website. This web service also enables you to choose a background for your timer, and you can place it either at the bottom right corner of your page or at a location preferred by you.

You may like other free services as well but these were the two that I preferred.

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