Free Extended Task Manager for Windows

Though I mentioned few Task Manager Replacement tools earlier but this one deserves a separate post and that is all because of its functionality.

No doubt Windows default task manager is a great way to list and kill processes but it still lacks certain features that are provided by this Task Manager called Extended Task Manager. Moreover you can make it to run either directly by double clicking or configure it so that it starts in place of the default Task Manager when Ctrl + Alt + Del are pressed.


• Apart from all the general features provided by default Task Manager, this provides details of files currently locked by some other processes.

• If you need to know more about some process then just do a Google search right from the tool.

• More detailed process information.

• Small and light to use.

Download Extended Task Manager

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  1. hey bro! sounds good about the extended task manager. But while click for the download the site cannot be found. pls fix d problem?????? so that another user or reader may do it. by d way i tried it by google serch but it is coming to be brken so that’s not ur fault. Keep IT up. CyAAAAA..

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