Free File Shredder for Windows

So what have you been using till now to delete those unwanted files? Delete key or the Shift Delete combination, right? Turn on to the new way of deleting files permanently from the system, called Shredding.

Shredding is a procedure of destroying unwanted files and folders permanently and beyond recovery. There are many tools for data recovery like one we posted earlier, but this thing will surely pose problem for them.

If you’re looking for a reliable utility for erasing files from your hard drive, then you should surely try File Shredder. File Shredder is free desktop application for shredding (destroying) unwanted files beyond recovery and comes without any restrictions.

In File Shredder you can choose between 5 different shredding algorithms, each one gradually stronger than the previous one. It also has integrated Disk Wiper which uses shredding algorithm to wipe unused disk space.

The software is quite small and is easy to use. So forget the delete key on the keyboard and erase the files beyond recovery.

Download File Shredder

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