Free History Cleaning Tool Liksoft

If you have been dealing mostly with the private stuffs or some secret data that you don’t want to disclose then cleaning all the cookies and history will surely add up to your privacy but for the people who don’t know how to operate, here is a free tool called Liksoft.

Cleaning all the data saved by the computer while surfing the net is a good habit and it leaves the other user with less chances to view your private details. This program can quickly clean history of your web browsing and computer use permanently.

The tool is free to download and simple to use, moreover it can clear internet temporary files, clear cookies, clear IE address bar URL history, clear IE auto-form history, clear IE password history, clear IE internet history items, clear IE my favorite links, clear system temporary folder, clear recycle bin, clear finding files history, clear history of run command, clear recent documents, etc with just a single click.

Download Liksoft Free Clear History

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