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If you have burned any image on to a disc then you must have known that the image file used comes in two most used formats .img and .iso and even out of these formats, it is the .iso format that is used by most people and recognized by many tools.

It can happen that you are using some tool but it can be an issue that it recognizes only the .iso format and not .img then what will you do if you have the image file in .img format? Well you just need to convert the .img file into .iso format. You must be aware of the fact that simple renaming the file may not always work, then it is the img to iso converter that you all need.

Here is a tool called IMG to ISO and is a very simple and free tool to use for this purpose. This free converter had got simplest of the interface with no complex options to choose from. Just browse for the img file, give the target location, click Convert button and your file would get converted soon. The conversion is also fast however the speed depends on the source img file too.

The converted file is also error free and can be used at the places where you wanted to use the iso file instead of the img file. The tool is free to use and can work great with both 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows 7.

However as the software uses Microsoft’s Virtual Hard Disk (VHD) technology, so it need run with administrator rights in compatiblity mode in Windows Vista/7, if not, you’ll see a User Account Control dialog box before continuing with the operation.

Download IMG to ISO

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