Free MDF to ISO Image Converter

If you are dealing mostly with the image files and the image burning tools then you must have come across this image format called MDF. This MDF format is not as generally used as ISO but is used by some tools for image burning.

The MDF (Mirror Disc File) is disk/DVD/CD image format produced by some burning software (such as Alcohol 120%) and in case you have this image file with you but are looking for some easy tool that can convert the MDF format into ISO for you easily, then MDF to ISO converter is the one that you are looking for.

MDF to ISO is a freeware that helps you easily convert MDF image files to ISO image files. So, if you need to convert your MDF files (*.mdf) to ISO files (*.iso), this program can do this for you. The generated ISO file is ISO 9660 format.

The tool is very simple to use as you just need to browse for the .mdf file, and click the convert button. The tool even doesn’t require any installation and can be directly run from the exe. The conversion time is based on the original file size and the capacity of your computer CPU, program will show a real-time progress bar to display the specific conversion progress.

The tool is a freeware and as per developer, has been tested for Windows 7 only.

Download MDF  to ISO converter

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