Free On Screen Volume Display 3RVX for Windows

If you have always wanted to have some OSD (On Screen Display) for the Volume Control in Windows then do check out this cool utility sent to us by one of our regular visitors Rob.

Seeing the image above we can easily make out what it does. The tool is called 3RVX Volume Controller and can control volume function right from your hot key combination of the keyboard.


  • · You just need to have Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 installed in the system.
  • · Windows key + mouse wheel press = Mute / unmute
  • · Windows key + mouse wheel up / down = Volume up / down

The key combination can be changed to your convenience.

Download 3RVX Volume Controller

9 Replies to “Free On Screen Volume Display 3RVX for Windows”

  1. Really nice. Took a minute to get it set up, but now when I adjust the volume knob on my multimedia keyboard, a nice big popover shows the volume level, then goes away.

    Merci beaucoup!

  2. Love opera and love this little snap in at the cost of the authors amazing knowledge and patience. Great job and just happened to be looking for one to add for my son. He is getting too much into the DJ thing.

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