Free Online File Sharing Sites

Sending files of huge size over email is almost impossible. After all the efforts and time you have uploaded your file to the email and wish to send the file; the OOPS message that displays make us feel like bashing our head into the PC!

To our rescue we have a lot of file sharing and uploading online sites and services to choose from. There are many sites like Rapidshare or Megaupload but the problem with them lies with the limited file size capability.

Here is a list of some top and good file sharing sites

1.    Box

Box lets you send the files or their links up to file size of 1 GB. Just Sign up and send as many files as you want.

2.    Yousendit

Send unlimited files of size 100 MB for free but for the heavy files they have good plans to choose from.

3.    Windows Live Skydrive

Microsoft’s reliable and free file sharing site with loads of features.

4.    DropBox

Good file sharing site the only thing to note being the file receiver needs to sign up as well to be able to download the files.

Which one do you use?

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