Free Online Web based FTP Clients to use FTP Anywhere

These days I am making lot of changes in my blog and with this new theme in place I am working on the blog from every possible location. Yesterday I was updating some file on my blog from office where (due to some ill-coding) my blog went down and started showing some error. Moreover the back-end went down too and I could do nothing.

Now I had only one option, to wait till the evening and go back home to access my FTP client to upload the original file back, as my office computer didn’t have any FTP client installed. Thus I decided to try some online web based FTP clients which do not need any installation and can be accessed anywhere over internet.

I came across some free and good services using which I edited the file back to get my blog up again. Well this can happen to anyone, hence here are the some free and cool online FTP clients that does not require any installation and can be accessed anywhere over internet.

1. FTP Live

This was the one service that I used for myself. FTP Live was very easy to use, and all I had to do was just put in my login credentials and it opened the same directory listings in the browser itself.


Now I also had the option to download, upload or edit the files I wanted. The service is good for managing only the small files and if you wish to manage files more than 16 MB in size; you will need to get a premium account.

2. AnyClient

This one is more GUI friendly and since it is based on Java platform, it provides you with easier navigation. The service is also good and simple to use however you will need to create an account first before using it.


This service also provides you with two columns layout and does not require any installation.

Well if you come across any event on your website or blog and are not at a system that has the FTP client installed, then you can make use of these free online clients for you that do the job extremely well [via]

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