Free Regedit Replacement Tool – RegAlyzer

The first thing that a virus does in an infected system is disabling the registry editor that is regedit.exe. However the same may be done by the system administrator for preventing some action by the users.

So if it is the same case with you then you can try a replacement tool for regedit that is use another tool that can provide you with the same functionality as with regedit.

The tool is called RegAlyzer and can be used in any scenario whether the regedit is disabled or not.
The tool does not require any installation and can be executed like an application. Isn’t the tool cool?

Download RegAlyzer

2 Replies to “Free Regedit Replacement Tool – RegAlyzer”

  1. Cool tool! But besides its disabling user to change registry for preventing making mistakes, could it help novice users to do some other operation with their computer or registry?
    For novice users, staying away from registry may be the best! 🙂

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