Free USB Ejector to Safely Remove any USB Drive

USB drives have started gradually replacing the disks and these are the preferred mode of data transfer these days because of their ease of use and rewriting capabilities. You must be aware of the fact that to eject a USB drive you need to safely remove it from the system else it may affect the data transfer in progress.

Safely removing the drive from the system is easy and can be done using the default Windows Safely Remove option but what if you are using around 3-4 USBs in your system like your camera, phone, memory card and pen drive, you are bound to get confused and may remove the wrong drive.

For this purpose we have a tool called USB Disk Ejector, and it can be used to eject any USB drive whether it is the pen drive or other drives like memory card or phone. You will see an icon and the name of the drive in the tool, reading which you can make out which one is the drive to be removed. The tool can also be used from the command line and using this feature you can also make a hotkey for doing this every time.

It would be definitely advisable to read the readme file so that you can get to know about the tool and the process better. If you wish to use the command line feature, you can use it like

usb_disk_eject /removeletter Z

where Z is the drive letter. Other options of the command line are also available at the readme page.

Additional Features:

Mobile Mode: If you try and eject the drive that the program is running from then the program will restart itself in mobile mode.It copies itself to the pc’s temp folder, ejects the drive, then closes and deletes itself. It means that you can run the program from a usb pen drive and then eject that pen drive.

IPod Eyecandy: If you have an IPod connected via USB, then it will have an IPod icon instead of the usual disk icon in the program.

Minimize to Tray: If you minimize the program, it will minimize to an icon in the system tray and wont show in the taskbar until restored.

Download USB Disk Ejector

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